10-4 Financing has relationships with more than 15 lenders across the country. This allows us to find a program that works perfectly for each applicant who relies on our semi truck financing services. The 10-4 team offers:

  • Great programs for first-time buyers and owner-operators.
  • You the ability to choose from any dealership in the USA.
  • No FICO or CDL experience minimums.
  • Low down payments for qualified truckers.


Unlike most truck finance companies, we do not need to do a hard pull to view your credit. This allows us to pre-qualify your application without leaving a ding on your credit score. We are able to give you a general idea of what type of truck you would qualify for and a fairly accurate range of what you will need for a down payment.


It’s in our best interest to help you finance a good semi, therefore, we have people on our team whose main job is to work with our customers in order to find a great deal. We’ve been doing this for over seven years and have helped finance thousands of trucks. We know a deal when we see it!


Certain factors may severely impact your ability to finance a semi truck, including:

  • Past-due child support.
  • Currently in bankruptcy.
  • Recent auto or truck repossessions.

If you these problems above on your credit report, it will be harder to get approved and will require a higher down payment.

Contact 10-4 Financing today to see how we can help you kick your career into high gear. We’re here and ready to help, so feel free to call us at 833-682-3944 or fill out our form to begin!