1. Ready to Transition From Driver to Owner-Operator? 10-4 Financing Can Help!

    If you have put in your time driving for a local company or carrier and want to take the next step towards building your business, now may be the perfect time to move from being a driver to an owner-operator. Owning your truck provides a lot more freedom, power, and potential income for industry professionals hoping to expand their success. 10-4 Financing is here to provide complete semi-truck fin…Read More

  2. 10-4 Financing Provides Semi Truck Financing For All Types Of Truckers

    Commercial truck financing can provide the right terms at the right price for a variety of industry professionals. Whether you are a new driver looking to finance your first semi or you’re in charge of an entire fleet, it’s important to find a team that is as dedicated to your success as you are. Individuals in need of semi truck financing across the United States can rely on 10-4 Financing fo…Read More

  3. Why Use 10-4 Financing To Finance Your Semi? Our Team Explains!

    Owner-operators, fleets, and new drivers alike all rely on dependable, affordable semi trucks to help get the job done. Regardless of your station or experience in the trucking industry, semi truck financing has the power to enhance or hurt your operations. When a truck is needed, drivers will be tasked with finding the right truck at the right price. Investing in the wrong truck or signing on wit…Read More