1. Shopping for Used Construction Equipment? Follow Our Equipment Financing Company’s Tips!

    Construction equipment is a big investment, and one that requires experience, insight, and instinct. Regardless of the machines needed, companies of all sizes across the country must find the right equipment financing to provide a fruitful outcome for their operations. Purchasing the wrong construction equipment or the wrong quality of said equipment can set your business back, and impact your bottom line. It pays to find the right fit for the job, and our finance specialists are here to help! 10-4 Financing is here to provide construction equipment financing to meet a wide range of needs nati…Read More

  2. Looking to Finance Your Construction Equipment? Trust 10-4 Financing!

    The construction industry is a dynamic and vital part of our society. If you’re in this line of work and looking to finance your construction equipment, it’s important to find the right partner for the job! 10-4 Financing is here to offer equipment financing services to construction companies in need, whether they need to purchase a new piece of machinery or require lending to pay for materials and labor up front. Construction equipment financing is a major ordeal, and one that can have lasting ramifications on your business’ bottom line. Keep reading to learn about the power of our cons…Read More

  3. Our Truck Finance Company Highlights Way To Boost Your Working Capital

    Whether you’re new to the trucking industry or have been an owner-operator for years, one phrase that will dominate the financing process is “Cash is King.” Small businesses rely on cash and liquid assets to cover any planned and unexpected expenditures, and can often show their ability to succeed through the availability of working capital. In the commercial transport industry, the continual costs of fuel, maintenance, and payroll can make it difficult to balance your company’s financial status. If you’re on this page because you’re worried about the availability of your working c…Read More

  4. Highlighting Additional Truck Financing FAQs – Part 2

    When it comes to semi truck financing, drivers have a wide range of choices for how to best outfit themselves for success. It’s important to do your research and find the right company, as doing so will help to grow your business and build your career in a cost-effective manner. If you’re dealing with bad credit, no CDL experience, or are simply looking to upgrade your vehicle, 10-4 Financing, LLC is here to help! Our specialists provide semi truck financing nationwide to help each of our customers find the best program for their unique needs. We believe our customers are more than a numbe…Read More

  5. Highlighting Additional Truck Financing FAQs – Part 1

    These days, drivers trying to build a career in the trucking industry have a wide range of options for how to best finance their plans and achieve their goals. With so many companies offering truck finance loans, it’s essential to find a lender that has your best interests at heart. Financing a truck depends on a wide range of factors for success, including your credit history, available down payment, the vehicle itself, and so on. You need to finance your truck, but have a lot of questions about how to proceed to ensure the best results for your future. 10-4 Financing, LLC is here to serve …Read More

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    The world of financing depends heavily on your credit history and how you handled your past financial obligations. Citizens hoping to open a new credit card, procure a business loan, or buy a house will be judged by their FICO credit score to determine how risky they are for lending purposes. If you are a new driver in the trucking industry, or you have fallen on hard times for a variety of reasons, then your credit score may negatively impact your ability to finance a semi truck. 10-4 Financing, LLC is proud to provide high-quality results for those with bad credit seeking out commercial truc…Read More

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    If you are currently in the market to finance a new semi truck, but you are dealing with bad credit, it’s important to procure professional financing services to ensure you are provided with affordable, advantageous results. Subprime lending is a hot topic when it comes to loans such as home mortgages, but when it comes to commercial truck financing with bad credit, drivers are finding that the terms provided to them simply aren’t worth the costs. 10-4 Financing, LLC specialists in semi truck financing across the continental United States. Our experienced team works with dozens of partners…Read More

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    As a truck dealership, you strive to provide the best outcome for each of your customers. Every driver that steps foot on your property has a unique story and goal for how to further their career, and you’re there to help them every step of the way. However, if you’re dealing with issues in offering advantageous financing for your customers with subprime credit, then it can prove a challenge trying to make sales. It’s important to take every step to take care of your clients, and 10-4 Financing is here to help you! Our semi truck financing specialists have spent years working to create t…Read More

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    Commercial truck financing is made to help drivers and dealerships at all levels to make favorable transactions for both parties to succeed. However, customers with bad credit may find that they cannot acquire the truck financing they need to progress their career. Dealerships also suffer from this issue, as they are not able to sell vehicles to clients who are worth the investment. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are on, it pays to find a semi financing company that looks at the customer as an individual, not just a credit score. 10-4 Financing is here to provide unbeatable semi …Read More

  10. The Good, The Bad, And Our High-Quality Solutions For Semi Truck Financing

    Investing in a new semi truck may prove to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. Driving a commercial truck is a lucrative career move for those wanting to build a career on hard work and dedication, but finding the right semi truck financing to start can prove troublesome. New drivers, those with poor credit scores, and a variety of other factors can all play a role in how easy it is to acquire financing, which is where our truck finance pros can help! 10-4 Financing is here to deliver personalized services to drivers, owner-operators, and fleet managers with credit scores and histor…Read More