1. Why Choose 10-4 Financing For Your Dealership? Our Truck Financing Pros Explain

    As a truck dealership, you strive to provide the best outcome for each of your customers. Every driver that steps foot on your property has a unique story and goal for how to further their career, and you’re there to help them every step of the way. However, if you’re dealing with issues in offering advantageous financing for your customers with subprime credit, then it can prove a challenge trying to make sales. It’s important to take every step to take care of your clients, and 10-4 Financing is here to help you! Our semi truck financing specialists have spent years working to create t…Read More

  2. Can 10-4 Help You With Semi Truck Financing? Check Out Our Testimonials!

    Commercial truck financing is made to help drivers and dealerships at all levels to make favorable transactions for both parties to succeed. However, customers with bad credit may find that they cannot acquire the truck financing they need to progress their career. Dealerships also suffer from this issue, as they are not able to sell vehicles to clients who are worth the investment. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are on, it pays to find a semi financing company that looks at the customer as an individual, not just a credit score. 10-4 Financing is here to provide unbeatable semi …Read More

  3. The Good, The Bad, And Our High-Quality Solutions For Semi Truck Financing

    Investing in a new semi truck may prove to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. Driving a commercial truck is a lucrative career move for those wanting to build a career on hard work and dedication, but finding the right semi truck financing to start can prove troublesome. New drivers, those with poor credit scores, and a variety of other factors can all play a role in how easy it is to acquire financing, which is where our truck finance pros can help! 10-4 Financing is here to deliver personalized services to drivers, owner-operators, and fleet managers with credit scores and histor…Read More

  4. Ready to Transition From Driver to Owner-Operator? 10-4 Financing Can Help!

    If you have put in your time driving for a local company or carrier and want to take the next step towards building your business, now may be the perfect time to move from being a driver to an owner-operator. Owning your truck provides a lot more freedom, power, and potential income for industry professionals hoping to expand their success. 10-4 Financing is here to provide complete semi-truck financing services to drivers across the nation. Based out of Tulsa, our truck finance team is here to deliver ideal results for clients with good credit, bad credit, and even drivers with no CDL experie…Read More

  5. 10-4 Financing Provides Semi Truck Financing For All Types Of Truckers

    Commercial truck financing can provide the right terms at the right price for a variety of industry professionals. Whether you are a new driver looking to finance your first semi or you’re in charge of an entire fleet, it’s important to find a team that is as dedicated to your success as you are. Individuals in need of semi truck financing across the United States can rely on 10-4 Financing for the best results. For years, our experts have worked diligently to provide advantageous truck finance terms that help individuals excel in their career. No matter where you are or what you plan on d…Read More


    Why Use 10-4 Financing To Finance Your Semi? Our Team Explains!

    Owner-operators, fleets, and new drivers alike all rely on dependable, affordable semi trucks to help get the job done. Regardless of your station or experience in the trucking industry, semi truck financing has the power to enhance or hurt your operations. When a truck is needed, drivers will be tasked with finding the right truck at the right price. Investing in the wrong truck or signing on with unfavorable financing terms can hurt your bottom line, but 10-4 Financing is here to help! For years, our team has worked to provide top-notch semi truck financing across the continental United Stat…Read More


    10-4 CAN HELP YOU FIND AND FINANCE A GREAT TRUCK Our experienced equipment specialists can help steer you away from overpriced trucks and dealers that have been known to sell lemons. It's in our best interest to help you finance a good semi, therefore we have people on our team whose main job is to work with our customers to find you the best deal in the market. We've been doing this for over seven years and have helped finance thousands of trucks. We know a deal when we see one! HOW TO CHOOSE A QUALITY SEMI TRUCK Know Your Needs Will you be hauling loads long distances or short sprints? Will …Read More