1. Our Truck Finance Company Highlights Way To Boost Your Working Capital

    Whether you’re new to the trucking industry or have been an owner-operator for years, one phrase that will dominate the financing process is “Cash is King.” Small businesses rely on cash and liquid assets to cover any planned and unexpected expenditures, and can often show their ability to succeed through the availability of working capital. In the commercial transport industry, the continual costs of fuel, maintenance, and payroll can make it difficult to balance your company’s financial status. If you’re on this page because you’re worried about the availability of your working c…Read More

  2. Highlighting Additional Truck Financing FAQs – Part 2

    When it comes to semi truck financing, drivers have a wide range of choices for how to best outfit themselves for success. It’s important to do your research and find the right company, as doing so will help to grow your business and build your career in a cost-effective manner. If you’re dealing with bad credit, no CDL experience, or are simply looking to upgrade your vehicle, 10-4 Financing, LLC is here to help! Our specialists provide semi truck financing nationwide to help each of our customers find the best program for their unique needs. We believe our customers are more than a numbe…Read More

  3. Highlighting Additional Truck Financing FAQs – Part 1

    These days, drivers trying to build a career in the trucking industry have a wide range of options for how to best finance their plans and achieve their goals. With so many companies offering truck finance loans, it’s essential to find a lender that has your best interests at heart. Financing a truck depends on a wide range of factors for success, including your credit history, available down payment, the vehicle itself, and so on. You need to finance your truck, but have a lot of questions about how to proceed to ensure the best results for your future. 10-4 Financing, LLC is here to serve …Read More